Why is my glass or mirror split into multiple pieces?

    We have established maximum sizes for mirror and glass primarily for the safety of our staff, transportation and access on site.

    • Glass can be handled 6 – 10 times before it leaves our facility.
    • This allows for safe access to the worksite, such as door openings, carrying up and down stairs, tight locations and awkward positioning.
    • Our maximum size for 10mm glass is 32 sq ft
    • Our maximum size for 5mm glass/mirror is 42 sq ft

    Why does my shower have vinyl fins?

    These are referred to as “deflectors” and control the space between a shower door & glass panel.

    • Deflectors help keep in as much moisture & water as possible.
    • These can be installed on to the door itself or on fixed panels.
    • They reduce the space between the glass panel & door.

    NOTE: With direct flow you can expect some water to escape.


    Why does my shower appear to be rusting?

    None of the material we use when installing a shower can rust.

    • Everything we use is extruded from aluminum (they are annodized or painted material). Even our screws are stainless steel.
    • Shampoos, conditioners & soaps can leave behind a pink / brown residue (resembling rust).
    • Scrubbing the affected area is the best way to remove residue.

    Why have the edges of my mirror turned black?

    Our mirrors are cut from larger sheets which exposes the edge of the silver mirror backing.

    • As actual silver is used to create the reflective surface it is susceptible to tarnishing.
    • We recommend using your fan before, during and for 30 minutes after showering.
    • Apply glass cleaner to a cloth to avoid over application (excess cleaner may promote tarnishing).

    Why does my mirror appear to be scratched?

    These marks appear to be scratches in the silver but are actually ink transfer from the production process.

    • They will appear vertically or horizontally as a straight solid line or small dots.
    • These can be removed with a new razor blade and some glass cleaner.


Do you have spare parts and pieces for products you supply?

Of course, we do. If it’s our product, we have the spare parts available at our reception desk. Wire Shelving / Wood Shelving / Closet Doors / Framed Shower Doors / 10mm Shower Doors

Can you fix my shower door?

If the shower is one of ours we would be happy to help you. We can arrange an on-site evaluation or if you can bring it to us we can fix it in-house. Call us and we will be happy to help you.

Will Simple Spaces visit my home and assist in the design and planning?

Yes. Our design consultants are happy to meet you on site and help you create the space you have always wanted. And it’s free.

Do you manufacture your products?

Yes, all products are manufactured in our production facility. This allows us to control every aspect of your product. Simple Spaces is one of only 3 private companies in Alberta to have a tempering furnace.

What’s the process of designing a closet or shower?

Closets – We consider your current closet and make suggested improvements. Each closet is then measured and a design is created for your approval. Once approved, we are happy to supply you with the custom shelving, or professionally install it for you.

Showers – All showers are designed around the space you have built; Simple Spaces provides the glass but not the surroundings. We will suggest glass and design options that will work for your space. Once you have approved the design, each shower is cut and customized in our manufacturing centre, then brought to your home for installation.

What backing (in walls) is recommended for a 10mm glass shower?

There are several factors when considering the perfect glass shower for your home. We suggest you speak directly to one of our design consultants to determine what’s right for you. Get in touch with us.

Can you install 10mm glass onto a Fiberglass stall?

We do not recommend mounting a 10mm shower door directly onto a fiberglass base due to the weight of the glass. Typically, a fibregalss base is between 3mm and 5mm thick. This will not properly support of the weight of 10mm glass, so the base may sag over time.

Why do you need a header on the 10mm glass? The reason I want a ‘seamless’ shower is so there is no hardware. I have seen many showers in magazines that do not have a header.

We have made the header system a standard for 10mm glass. We believe in the safety of our installations and have deemed the header system to be an integral part of that. The exposed stationery panel, in our opinion, requires extra support to avoid the possibility of the panel coming loose from the silicone seal.

How ‘hardy’ are the seals and fins on 10mm showers. Will I have to replace them in a year?

Depending on the use of the shower, the seals may need to be replaced annually. We carry replacement seals for a minimal charge. Your 1-year warranty will cover the replacement of the seals once during this time.

How do I maximize my closet space?

The simplest way to maximize your closet space is to add a second shelf. This instantly doubles your hanging capacity. There are many other simple options we would be happy to create for you; feel free to contact us to find out what we can offer.

How do you determine shelving and hang heights?

The heights we recommend are industry standards and work in the majority of situations. However, the heights may be adjusted before installation, according to your specific needs. Remember; once a wire shelf is installed, it is not adjustable.

How easy is it to change the configuration/design of a closet after we move in and see how we use the space?

Moving shelves and changing the configuration is never an issue; that’s our business! We remind you that existing hardware will need to be removed, leaving holes in the walls. These holes should be patched and painted by the homeowner, prior to us installing the new shelves. We think of it as a fresh start, and it ensures the installation is fast and looks great.

What is the weight capacity for both wire and wood shelving? Will my pantry wire ‘bow’?

The weights we recommend are per linear foot and based on proper installation. Load capacity will depend on specific applications. As the shelf length increases, the maximum weight decreases.

Wood Shelves – Maximum 95 lbs

Wire Shelves – Maximum 75 lbs to 105 lbs (depending on the installation method)

What is the wire shelving made of?

Our wire shelves are made of 100% recycled steel. The finish coat is an epoxy- polyester powder coating.

The shelves are 100% recyclable.

Which cleaning products does Simple Spaces recommend?

 Cleaning products to use will vary by material. For specific product recommendations, refer to our Care and Warranty.