What To Expect

Our goal is to bring organization and simplicity to the homes of our customers. We’re also committed to helping our customers through the installation process of our products and giving a clear outline of what to expect during your Simple Spaces project. Read our six simple steps, and decide if you’re ready to make the move towards a more organized, simple home.


Bhairvi's Closet Makeover

Bhairvi's Closet Makeover

Read the story of how we transform an underutilized space into a wonderfully organized and useful walk-in closet. Straight from our blog, this is Bhairvi’s experience from start to finish.

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Six Simple Steps

  • Kickstart your imagination and seek inspiration! Begin by looking through websites and magazines or by watching home renovation tv programs. Decide if you want to manage the project yourself or would prefer to hire a professional renovator.
  • Call or email us to book your first appointment. Based on the time of year, the appointment can be up to 10 days away. Once your appointment is booked we’ll send a confirmation email.
  • A Simple Spaces designer will arrive at your home with samples and look at your space. Alternatively you can visit our Design Centre and view options here. Our designer will carefully listen to your needs and layout some concepts, which are then emailed to you.
  • After reviewing and confirming your choice, a site measure is booked. There may be few additional tweaks to the design after the site measure due to site conditions.
  • Prepping your closet is one of the most important steps of the process, and this step is up to you. Before your closet is ready for Simple Spaces to install, you will need to remove your old shelving. You will also need to repair any damage to the drywall, and give your closet a fresh coat of paint. Remember, our team cannot install your new closet until the prep work is 100% complete.
  • We arrive with the product to install in pieces and construct on site – There may be cutting involved. Based on the complexity of design it may be a multiple day install. We clean the product, then leave a gift bag behind and leave the site.