Do you manufacture your products?

Yes, all products are manufactured in our production facility. This allows us to control every aspect of your product. Simple Spaces is one of only 3 private companies in Alberta to have a tempering furnace.… Read More


What’s the process of designing a closet or shower?

Closets – We consider your current closet and make suggested improvements. Each closet is then measured and a design is created for your approval. Once approved, we are happy to supply you with the custom shelving, or professionally install it for you.

Showers – All showers are designed around the space you have built; Simple Spaces provides the glass but not the surroundings. We will suggest glass and design options that will work for your space. Once you have approved the design, each shower is cut and customized in our manufacturing centre, then brought to your home for installation.

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Can you install 10mm glass onto a Fiberglass stall?

We do not recommend mounting a 10mm shower door directly onto a fiberglass base due to the weight of the glass. Typically, a fibregalss base is between 3mm and 5mm thick. This will not properly support of the weight of 10mm glass, so the base may sag over time.… Read More


Why do you need a header on the 10mm glass? The reason I want a ‘seamless’ shower is so there is no hardware. I have seen many showers in magazines that do not have a header.

We have made the header system a standard for 10mm glass. We believe in the safety of our installations and have deemed the header system to be an integral part of that. The exposed stationery panel, in our opinion, requires extra support to avoid the possibility of the panel coming loose from the silicone seal.… Read More


How do I maximize my closet space?

The simplest way to maximize your closet space is to add a second shelf. This instantly doubles your hanging capacity. There are many other simple options we would be happy to create for you; feel free to contact us to find out what we can offer.… Read More


How do you determine shelving and hang heights?

The heights we recommend are industry standards and work in the majority of situations. However, the heights may be adjusted before installation, according to your specific needs. Remember; once a wire shelf is installed, it is not adjustable.… Read More


How easy is it to change the configuration/design of a closet after we move in and see how we use the space?

Moving shelves and changing the configuration is never an issue; that’s our business! We remind you that existing hardware will need to be removed, leaving holes in the walls. These holes should be patched and painted by the homeowner, prior to us installing the new shelves. We think of it as a fresh start, and it ensures the installation is fast and looks great.… Read More