Glass Walls

Our Display Centre is where you want to come and gaze at the walls of glass.

Whether you are creating an office space, wine closet or maybe a work out room, we can help you design the perfect wall of glass.

Each design is created specifically to fit your space and custom manufactured in-house. Of course, installation is always available.
When you arrive at the Display Centre, we’ll walk you through the various glass types. We showcase clear, Starphire and obscure glass options. All very individual choices that make a difference to your project.

Hardware is also a very specific consideration for each design we create. For example, deciding between top and bottom hinges or wall mounted hinges. Mounting options for the glass are also discussed at great length. Another important factor is door style, to which we have many options. This choice is very important to each design, but don’t worry; whether you would like a sliding system or a swing style, we will walk you through the options.