Simply Giving Back

We recently had the absolute honour of presenting a donation to Made by Momma.

This is a charity that we choose to focus our fundraising efforts over the past year. 100% of the funds were raised by employees. We did this through a variety of raffles and by the sale of show room displays.

We also cooked and prepared meals for families twice, at the Atco Blue Flame Kitchen. So much fun!

We choose Made by Momma for two specific reasons: The money we raised would need to stay and help local families and it must benefit children. Both of which aligned with Made by Momma.

I was absolutely thrilled to present Alyson with a cheque totaling $5, 843.85. What an amazing feeling to think our small, locally owned company was able to make such a difference! I only wish we had a photo of our entire group — it was our entire group that made this possible!

Thanks you to everyone who made this all possible! See more at Made by Momma’s Website