Christmas at Simple Spaces

We have a Christmas Potluck every year, but this year we thought we’d try something a little different: 14 Teams, a random theme chosen one week in advance and $100.00 to spend. The one and only rule–you had to make 48 servings. The energy that was put into this was unbelievable! We believe in making the otherwise stressful last few days before our Christmas break filled with a little brightness!

From our families to yours, we wish you a Christmas filled with Happiness and Joy!

The Winners

Make Christmas Great Again–Why even decorate?? Godfrey Sr. chicken was all the judges needed to experience.


2nd Place

Tailgate–Freezing cold temperatures, fully decorated truck, team jerseys, amazing burgers, outstanding chili and yummy beef jerky. How did the judges see past all of this?


3rd Place

Domestic Goddess–Never Give Up. We all pitched in when things didn’t look so hot. You know what they say–don’t cry over spilled soup!


4th Place

Garage–They say the devil is in the details. This team had it all, including a saw to cut the Monkey Bread–really


And the rest in no particular order

The Future–What does the future hold? If it’s tacos in a bag, sign me up!


Green–There was no mistaking this theme! Super decorating by this team. Loved the wire shelf wreath hanger!


1984–Possibly one of the tougher themes. This group nailed the costumes! And it looks like Big Brother is really watching.


Christmas in a Can–An amazing out of the can idea!! Santa and his reindeer delivering food to the Food Bank! How does one just have a Santa suit hanging around?


Star Wars–Yoda Soda!! Who comes up with this stuff!


Christmas in July–What a fun idea to have Christmas tree shaped pitas frosted with guacamole.


Kanye West–The stage was set for a surprise appearance–guess meeting with Trump was more important.


Elf on the Shelf–who could forget this!


Poland–A bit if a history lesson along with Jelly filled Donuts. Not going to lie–I may have had a couple.


Camping–Using your resources this team did this for sure! “Smore Cookies” my absolute favourite!!